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In the late 1990’s, I worked as an undergraduate for a tech consulting firm in Silicon Valley. I was amazed by the extraordinary pace of innovation in the Valley and inspired by all the young, open-minded entrepreneurs I met. That Valley energy and attitude still drive me today.

I believe fortune favours those who never stop learning

I believe fortune favours those who never stop learning. In business, love and friendship, it always pays to keep an open mind while exploring new ways of adding value.

The greatest opportunity right now to add value for the next 10-15 years is to create new infrastructures, products and services that solve global challenges. 

This kind of innovation comes from exceptional entrepreneurs capable of turning bold and bright ideas into refined concrete concepts, then building businesses around them. At LUMO Labs, we get excited about opportunities where social return and financial return go hand in hand.  

Andy and I were introduced by a professor from the TU/e almost 20 years ago. Having spent nearly two decades together in the entrepreneurial startup trenches taught us valuable lessons. 

Perhaps the most important one is that no one can teach you how to be an entrepreneur; the only way is to dive in. “Screw it, let’s do it,” as Richard Branson once said. But we also learned it’s simply impossible to do everything on your own. 

You need people. A balanced business is built by more than one person, and a strong network enables you to go faster and smarter and seize opportunities as they arise. 

No matter how busy, determined or focused you are, never lose sight of the bigger picture. This is something I learned the hard way – even before becoming an entrepreneur. 

In one of my very first jobs, my team and I worked non-stop for months preparing for what we believed would be the ultimate solution for company growth … only to see our plans disappear in one fell swoop. The single shareholder wasn’t game. It was a humbling but valuable experience.

Good things are around the corner. We are here to help the great ones turn it.

Good things are around the corner. We are here to help the great ones turn it. Our structure is specifically designed around the needs of early-stage emerging tech startups as they successfully navigate the critical phase from “idea, IP plus value proposition” to “traction, impact and series A.”

Our unique two-year venture builder program supports the founders of our portfolio companies as they pave the way to a market-fit and scalable business proposition. 

Most of the program is what I call “basic hygiene.” You get sick and you smell if you don’t do it right. 

It is about teams creating a complete set of sound habits from the get-go to better deliver on their promise to their co-workers, investors and partners and to their clients. 

Other than providing proper office space, we show, we tell, and we connect but it is up to the founders to actually achieve success.

Community is a powerful phenomenon: Individuals who come together around common or complementary interests with the willingness to contribute. I thrive on the energy!

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