Venture Builder Program

Traction for the Intrepid. We invest from the very beginning.

At LUMO we get on board early. We know from experience that – especially for emerging technologies – the dynamics at the seed or pre-seed stages provide unique opportunities. In fact, such opportunities are decisive for how fast and how far a venture can grow. We want to enable exceptional founders with exceptional ideas to seize the opportunities that will maximize the financial and social return of their ventures. 

We invest early, because we also know that pivotal innovation and game changing businesses can be lost, if the gap between bootstrapping and a full series A is too big (as often is the case). 

Selection is key. But, for us, signing the term sheets is just the beginning. We’re in for the longer term. Our two-year Venture Builder Program is how we support founders to lead and grow profitable, high-impact companies. It is also a means to mitigate the related risks. 

The Venture Builder Program not only shortens the time-to-market, but also the time-to-follow-up funding.

We invest in the intrepid

The road from idea to market is full of challenges and pitfalls. We know, because we’ve been there, as entrepreneurs and as investors. 

You need a compass rather than a map. (We actually don’t even believe there is such a map.)

Our two-year Venture Builder Program for founding teams is about their using that compass and providing the support and area experts along the way for them to stay fit, keep going and determine the optimal course.

We cheer for the eager, fast and fearless who go the proverbial extra mile to make the world a better place while building a sustainable business. 

We are supportive of our founding teams. However, we always speak our minds when necessary, even if it’s not comfortable to hear or even comfortable to say. 

Besides encouraging the development of healthy business habits, the program is designed to reveal any by-chance or deliberate blind spots that may jeopardize a venture’s success. In this way, teams learn to fail fast and fix things before they get in the way of further growth.

The Venture Builder Program program in a nutshell

In order to assess how fast and how far a founding team can take their IP or product, calls for a made-to-measure approach. Such an approach is harnessed by the 4 mainstays of our Venture Building Program.

Andy Lurling

2-year program

  • 5 phases
  • Hands-on coaching by seasoned professionals
  • Selected learning topics fit for purpose and venture
  • Peer-to-peer learning and cross pollination

The program set-up forces you to look at every aspect and optimize it so that it moves you forward or at least not get in your way, to achieve its objectives.

Sven Bakkes

Venture Builder Program objectives

  • Shorten time-to-market
  • Shorten time-to-next investment round
  • Growing next-gen entrepreneurs with social impact focus
  • High success rate and ROI