The Gate: “Let’s give our regional startups the best possible start”

Interview with Jeroen van Woerden, Managing Director at the Gate

The day is almost here! That’s right, Thursday is Draper’s Silicon Spring Pitch Prize. Startup founders will get on stage and pitch their startups for a chance to win an expenses-paid trip to Silicon Valley and entry into Draper University’s Hero Training Program.

The Gate joins Draper University and LUMO Labs as a partner of this edition. Located on the TU/e campus, The Gate is a physical and digital platform where new tech startups can seek information and advice and be connected to a broader network of allies to help them make a flying start in their venture.

It’s easy to see The Gate’s role in helping build up the regional startup ecosystem and therefore, why the organization throws its support behind local events like this that can propel startups on their growth journey.

“The Gate acts as a starting point for high-tech startups in the Eindhoven region,” says Jeroen van Woerden, Managing Director at The Gate. “These startups begin a journey that most certainly will go global, given the nature of high-tech. So then, what’s better than connecting them with both regional and global partners? LUMO Labs and Draper University are great partners for all of our startups.”

The opportunity to experience Silicon Valley for five weeks is a unique opportunity for any startup.

“Silicon Valley and Eindhoven Brainport share an entrepreneurial mindset,” says van Woerden. “We see strong benefits in the connection between the two regions both to learn from each other and leverage each region’s unique strengths.”

In this way, The Gate sees the winning startup as an unofficial ambassador, not only for other startups on the same path but also for the Brainport region.

“We see the winner as an example that will inspire next-generation startups. We look forward to an exchange program – to mirror this award for Silicon Valley startups and host them at LUMO Labs and The Gate. We can be a gateway to the European continent and strengthen the connection even more,” explained van Woerden.

Just as the organization considers itself “The Gate to opportunities,” this pitching event is a startup’s gateway to new opportunities.

“This is a unique and inspiring event. For the winner, this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will enrich their personal development forever.”

Stay tuned to see what exciting regional startup wins the Golden Ticket to five weeks in Silicon Valley and Draper University’s Hero Training Program. There are tickets available to anyone who wants to attend this exciting event. You can register here.