Metacampus launches its training model: The Lifetime Web3 Onboarding Program

Press release March 24th, 2023


March 24th 2023, Barcelona, Spain —

• In just two years, at least 50% of critical jobs will become obsolete and require new training to adopt new technologies, according to the ‘World Economic Forum.’

• Metacampus’ real-time approach starts with more than 40 hours of live monthly content, combined with the latest technological tools, to be ready for the impending automation of professional services.

• The innovative training solution is offered under a subscription model without ties, with personalized real-time support. This alternative avoids the deficiencies of the traditional training system, lacking cultural immersion and with obsolete content.

The digital economy is not a promise of the future but a current fact. In just five years, 75% of the skills considered essential in the job requirements will become obsolete, which entails the evident need for a radical change in the classic training system. The purpose of Metacampus, a startup dedicated to digital transformation and continuous training in the field of the virtual economy, is to guide and accompany professionals in this accelerated digital transition process that has already begun.

With the launch of the Lifetime Web3 Onboarding Program, Metacampus aims to bring new technologies closer and facilitate cultural immersion to all professionals so that they can understand, learn and experience firsthand the social changes that emerge from the new, more decentralized business models. In the words of the founder and CEO of the company, Pere Pérez Ninou: “Understanding the concepts of the decentralized economy is not enough. Professionals who want to be prepared or, even better, write the future must decentralize their mindset.”

Metacampus’s approach is designed to give access to professionals at all levels, from marketing managers and executives of all agencies and companies to anyone who needs or wants to stay at the forefront of constantly and rapidly changing digital trends. With an interface reminiscent of leisure platforms, Metacampus offers an onboarding on-demand subscription model for €99 per month or €999 per year.

At Metacampus, content is grouped into three main blocks: education, transformation, and activation. Its purpose is to educate and accompany professionals in the digital transition process practically and effectively to accelerate their progress, hand in hand with professionals at the forefront of the sector. The program offers 2 Live Sessions daily and five weekly essential information capsules, giving access to more than 40 hours of proprietary content and collaboration with experts. Metacampus even offers content blocks to reinforce mental health and healthy habits to counteract sedentary remote and digital work risks. As it is an educational program based on constant learning, its model is 100% flexible, allowing each person to advance at their own pace, availability, and interests, prioritizing participation and the development of synergies with the rest of the community.

Professional training is addressed in a transversal way, with varied topics such as new narratives, digital identity, Web3 communities, Blockchain, NFTs, tokenization of new business and entertainment lines, behavior in immersive platforms, digital art, or meme culture in corporate communication, among others. For Pérez Ninou, “Digital society requires a new educational model. Paper diplomas can’t be hung on virtual walls.”

Beyond professional training, Metacampus aims to become a driver of business growth. Its ecosystem includes a business transformation program to advise companies on developing new business models and an activation program to foster digital entrepreneurship in our country. To carry out this initiative effectively, Metacampus establishes partnerships with third parties, such as the Baskonia Group and Havas Media Group.

Metacampus positions itself as a lifelong partner in digital transformation for professionals, companies, and the entrepreneurial ecosystem at an international level. Pere Pérez Ninou emphasizes that “this revolution affects us all. Integrating AI and Blockchain in the service industry will result in the automation of most jobs. Professionals from all company departments must become actively and continuously involved to respond to the challenges of the new digital era.”

About Metacampus:

At Metacampus, we prepare professionals, brands, and startups for thriving in the era of technological acceleration and the advanced digital society. Our Lifetime Onboarding Program is a subscription-based model that provides ongoing practical know-how and the skills required to adopt Blockchain and AI to enhance your future professional value.

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