LUMO Labs invests in to reduce the impact of post-surgery infections

Press release May 17, 2022

Eindhoven, Netherlands LUMO Labs is making a substantial investment in’s innovative AI-driven health-tech proposition to reduce the impact of post-operative infections for millions of people across the globe.

Amsterdam-based currently uses artificial intelligence and existing electronic health record data to accurately predict the risk of infection for each individual patient. Ultimately, this will also be possible for other post-surgical complications.  

Currently, diagnosis and treatment start after a patient has already developed symptoms, AI-driven risk assessment almost immediately after surgery and enables more proactive decision-making, monitoring and treatment. This is a major improvement to reduce the impact and cost of post-surgery complications.

Infection is a serious post-operative risk for the 300 million patients globally who undergo surgical procedures each year. Data shows that as much as 25 percent, or 75 million people, are diagnosed with infections following surgery. For 25 million of them, these infections cause chronic issues. 

Research by indicates that, today, an average European hospital spends 35 million euros per year on the treatment of post-surgical infections.  

“ moves beyond statistics and accurately predicts side effects and complications of medical treatments for individual patients. This sort of innovation improves healthcare in not just one, but in multiple ways,” said Andy Lürling, LUMO Labs founding partner. “’s technology supports doctors and other medical staff in their treatment planning and decision-making. This will dramatically improve the quality of treatment and therefore the well-being of the patients affected.”

“We are very happy to have found in LUMO Labs the perfect partner to support us in this incredibly exciting and crucial phase of certification and go-to-market,” said Bart Geerts, Founder & CEO.

Geerts’ team will use the new undisclosed investment to finalize the design and build out the first AI software for market release, perform several clinical trials and submit CE 2a certification under MDR.

“The safety and performance requirements for CE certification of a medical device are understandably high,” said Bart Steverink, CTO. “The funding will help us bring the team, product and organization to the next level.”

“ fits LUMO’s investment focus perfectly,” said Sven Bakkes, LUMO Labs founding partner. “Also, the quality of their work and the extremely high level of relevant expertise throughout the entire team weighed heavily in our investment decision. We are happy to have onboard and look forward to working with them.” 

The team already is well established, currently active in the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark and Norway. recently received a REACT EU grant provided by EFRO of about 1 million euros.

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