Alphabeats raises €1,5M to unlock next-level mental performance in elite athletes

Press release September 15, 2022

EINDHOVEN, The Netherlands  – Dutch neurofeedback venture Alphabeats has closed a €1.5M seed investment round, led by DeepTechXL and followed-on by LUMO Labs. 

This raise will enable Alphabeats to take their patented technology to the next level, offering EEG-based mental training to improve performance in elite athletes. 

The company’s innovative technology uses music to guide athletes into a flow state: a mental state of high performance characterized by alpha brainwaves. 

Studies show consistent use of the Alphabeats training system increases alpha brainwave activity in users and delivers lasting improvements to their mental performance. This training system is the first of its kind: it’s portable, customizable and easy to use, making it ideal for top athletes on the go. 

“Neuroscience is the future of elite athletics and top performance. We’re very excited to be at the forefront of this movement,” shared Jur Vellema, co-founder of Alphabeats. 

Not only does the Alphabeats technology have major implications for athletes, but its potential extends to all high-performing roles where peak focus is required. The music-based mental training system offers a safe, efficient and enjoyable alternative to other performance-enhancing methodologies. 

“As a company, we have great ambitions and for that you need great partners. We all share the same big vision and are excited to combine forces to make a global impact in mental performance,” said Han Dirkx, co-founder and CEO of Alphabeats. 

“We’re looking forward to partnering with Alphabeats and offering more than just capital. We’ll make use of the deep knowledge, experience, network and resources of the companies and knowledge institutions associated with DeepTechXL to boost the unique technology of Alphabeats,” said Ronald Meersschaert, Managing Partner DeepTechXL.

“With this investment, the Alphabeats team will take next steps to validate their product with a select ‘high demanding’ group of professionals in order to create a wider impact in a later stage to a large group,” LUMO Lab’s Founding Partner Andy Lürling said. “We are delighted to see Alphabeats grow into the next phase.”

Alphabeats was founded in 2019 through HighTechXL’s deep-tech venture building program. The company was built upon a passion for neuroscience and neurofeedback technology. 

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